It’s been built from lessons learned during 10-years of experience with shooting drone footage


Aerial Filming company Flying Pictures has designed and built a drone – the ‘Ultra’ – that it describes as “the world’s most powerful drone for cinematography.”

The key differentiator of the Ultra is it was created specifically to be capable of flying the heaviest camera and lens packages available today.

It has a maximum payload capacity of up to 60kg/132lb.

Flying Pictures said it used knowledge from 10 years of experience creating and flying different types of drones in complex environments to put together than design for the Ultra.

The drone was constructed in-house and has been CAA assessed and approved to fly in congested areas.

The Ultra has a top speed of 56kts+/105kmh, and is, says Flying Pictures, “as safe as a drone can be made.”

Flying Pictures director Matt Connor, said: “This drone will push the quality and scope of filmmaking a big step forward.”