Fewer people have positive attitude to virtual reality, according to ReportLinker survey

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Interest in virtual reality is waning, according to new research which shows that awareness, opinions and adoption of the technology have declined.

Following surveys from 2017, ReportLinker says that 62% of people now have a positive attitude towards the technology whereas this figure stood at 76% in October 2017 and 83% in January 2017.


According to the survey results, Americans are less familiar with VR now than they were in 2017 or even 2016.

Male respondents (31%) are much more likely to be “very familiar” with VR than are female respondents (16%).


Asked about VR’s leading brands, only 28% of respondents could name an industry leader without any hints or clues (17% less than in 2017) and only 37% show familiarity when brand names are suggested (23% less than in 2017).