The VFX house will offer clients a range of options, including plate preparation and stitching and on-set supervision

Alexis Haggar - Lexhag VFX VP Fire Shoot on 80Six LED Volume_large_wLogo

Lexhag VFX has launched a package of virtual production services as part of its visual effects offer.

The London and Norfolk-based studio plans to offer services across all aspects of virtual production, with a focus on supporting LED volume shoots.

The company will offer planning, tech-vis, environment capture, plate preparation and stitching, and on-set supervision to production companies undertaking a virtual production shoot.

Tom Lewis, managing director, Lexhag, said: “Our preferred approach as a VFX studio is combining traditional practical solutions with cutting-edge visual effects, so virtual production techniques have always been part of our toolkit. But more of our clients are looking specifically at LED volumes as a production solution, so we’re formalising our offer to help make this aspect of virtual production more accessible to clients.”

Lexhag founder and VFX supervisor Alexis Haggar, adds: “We’ve supervised a number of virtual production shoots and provided VFX plates for in-car sequences, forest fires and nuclear explosions on LED stages with high-end TV budgets. Using the VFX tricks and practical tools at our disposal and working closely with highly-skilled people and industry-leading suppliers and stages, we’ve demonstrated that you don’t need a Mandalorian-sized stage to get great results.

“As a story-first VFX studio, we will continue to put our client’s narrative first and offer the best VFX solution for the challenge at hand. We just can’t help but be excited by the results we’ve had so far on a virtual production stage.”