The new initiative is open to applications from creative freelancers and SMEs across Wales

Media Cymru Seed Fund launch 2023

Creative freelancers and SMEs across Wales with ideas for innovative new product, services or experiences in the media sector can apply for up to £10,000 of seed funding through the newly launched Media Cymru Innovation Pipeline.

Applications for the first Media Cymru Seed Fund round are now open, offering creators innovation funding for the research and development (R&D) of ideas.

Launched last year, Media Cymru helps develop businesses and individuals within the sector with a series of funding rounds, training, research and opportunities. Its aim is to turn Cardiff and the surrounding capital region’s media sector into a global hub for media innovation, with a focus on green and fair economic growth.

Through the Media Cymru Innovation Pipeline, financial backing will enable Welsh creatives the chance to take very early-stage ideas through to fully validated projects.

Over a three to five month period, successful applicants will also be supported by experts from the Media Cymru Consortium - PDR and the Alacrity Foundation.        

Following the successful completion of seed funded projects, applicants may also be eligible to apply for further support via Media Cymru’s Development Funding, which is due to launch in July 2023.

Media Cymru is keen to receive applications from creators operating in a range of disciplines and industries, with particular interest in ideas relating to virtual production, new formats and ways of creating content, gaming, immersive storytelling, bilingual production, and fresh approaches to delivering the news.

Lee Walters, senior producer and funding manager, Media Cymru, said: “This first round of Media Cymru Seed Funding is a real opportunity for creative thinkers to explore early-stage ideas through a supported period of research and development.

“We know that Wales and the Cardiff Capital Region is brimming with creators who have great ideas, and we can’t wait to hear them, help turn them into reality, and work together to accelerate innovation in the media sector in this part of the world.”

Dawn Bowden, the Welsh Government’s deputy minister for arts and sport, added: “We know that Wales is home to creators and producers who make a huge contribution to our economy and our international profile. In line with our Programme for Government commitment to support more R&D in the creative sector, the Welsh Government through Creative Wales is supporting Media Cymru to ensure that initiatives such as this seed fund enable further Welsh talents to develop new innovations.

“This seeding fund is more than launchpad for new ideas. It represents an investment that will deliver real returns for our economy and society, as Wales becomes an international hub for innovation in the creative industries.” 

Those wishing to apply for seed funding and the Media Cymru Innovation Pipeline can do so by heading to