It is looking to find out more about the career development of women in senior positions in the broadcast tech sector


Women in Broadcast advocacy group Rise is running a survey to review how women reach senior leadership positions in the broadcast technology sector.

The anonymous survey asks participants to share their career experiences to enable Rise to understand and identify common defining factors that have led women to become successful leaders in the sector.

The results will guide Rise’s future work in helping women to reach their potential and succeed in leadership positions.

The survey is aimed at women in senior leadership positions, and Rise is looking to women from anywhere in the world to take part.

Everyone taking part in the survey will be invited to an event where the results will be revealed.

Carrie Wootten, managing director, Rise, told Broadcast: “This survey will be critical in our understanding of what enables women to become senior leaders across our sector. The trends and similarities from the data will inform us about what initiatives and programmes we at Rise (and companies themselves) need to implement to support more women into senior positions.”