New production music library promises straightforward licensing model with no strings attached

Oook audio

Music library Oook Audio has opened, providing royalty-free music with a straightforward licensing model. The library is pitched at ad agencies, corporate producers, indie producers and home users making online content.

The music is pre-cleared for social media usage on Facebook Live, Instagram stories, YouTube and Vimeo and covers an array of genres and styles.

The Oook Audio website’s search bar “understands the customer’s needs and helps them navigate the library immediately,” says the company.

A cue sheet isn’t required when using music from the library, which sets it apart from other libraries offering royalty-free music, believes filmmaker and musician Tony Cane-Honeysett: “The last thing I want to be doing as a creative is filling out forms and spending hours working through the bureaucracy of royalties and licenses. It’s about time someone addressed this and designed a platform that makes finding the right audio for my film bearable - as Oook have now done.”

David Bird, managing director, Oook Audio, added: “Oook Audio will simplify the lives of composers and video makers alike. As a composer myself, I and my co-founders were frustrated at our inability to reach a video production market that was crying out for accessible, good quality music. We knew we had to develop it ourselves and the result was an easy-to-use, user-centric portal, which will satisfy the demands of both users and composers.”

There are 400 tracks in the library at launch, which can be accessed here.