The YouTube content creators have been given ongoing access to the high-speed robot to capture their hugely popular slow mo videos

Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 15.47.06

YouTube stars, the Slow Mo Guys, have started using the MRMC Bolt Cinebot to capture “incredible footage of never seen before angles”.

The high-frame-rate specialists have over 14 million subscribers to their main YouTube channel and have received in excess of 2 billion views on the platforn. They have been given the opportunity to utilise the Bolt for their videos, to further elevate the quality and shooting options for their slow-motion captures.

The Bolt “high-speed robot” goes from standstill to full high-speed motion and back in a fraction of a second, creating beautiful shots of the Slow Mo Guys’ slow-mo footage.

MRMC has offered The Slow Mo Guys ongoing access to the Bolt. Gavin Free of The Slow Mo Guys, said: “They use these on Marvel movies. This is upper tier. I grin every time I see the Bolt.”

Free has started using the Bolt in recent projects, as shown below. He talks about his experiences using it above.