The forthcoming platform will enable payments via NFTs and have a catalogue of 10,000 tracks available in Dolby Atmos immersive audio

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London-based sound designer and composer Sefi Carmel is launching music licensing platform SphereTrax. It offers Dolby Atmos-standardised tracks for cinema, TV, advertising, trailers, games, VR, AR and XR.

SphereTrax has a ‘simplified search engine’ that enables users to select from several pre-set licenses on the platform, with automatic payment and contracts available.

Users will be able to buy tracks as NFTs, essentially taking them off the market for other buyers. The contractual information will be stored transparently and securely with a traceable link to the licenser, the artist and the audio track.

Every piece of music on the site will be converted to Dolby Atmos as standard. The platform is set to launch later this year - applications for composers are currently open, with 10,000+ tracks expected on the platform in the near future.

Carmel said: “We’re levelling up the music library as we know it into something more accessible, current, and suitable for the creative industries. Dolby Atmos is something we truly believe in here at SphereTrax and our promise to provide Atmos deliverables for each and every one of our tracks is something that sets us distinctly apart from the competition, both for the client and the composer. In only a few years we have seen the rapid increase in the adoption of this format, and we foresee that with the development of VR, AR and the Metaverse, Atmos will only grow in popularity.”