Ellie passed away on 13 May after battling a rare form of cancer


Elouise Carden, the joint-managing director and co-owner of both Rapid Pictures and Radiant Post, has died of adrenal cancer, age 39.

She had been battling the rare and aggressive form of cancer, as well as Cushing’s syndrome, for the past 18 months.

Ellie joined Rapid Pictures as marketing and sales manager in 2005 and soon became general manager. In 2014 she took over as joint-managing director and co-owner, along with Ben Plumb. They then took over Shepherds Bush post house Crow TV to create Radiant Post Production, a sister company to Rapid Pictures.

Despite her diagnosis, Ellie remained actively involved in the business. She also worked on many initiatives and campaigns in the industry over the years, including No Password Required, which aims to improve access into the media industries for under-represented groups.

Ellie leaves behind her husband, Dan Carden and their two children Theo, 6 and Tabby, 4.


Ben Plumb says: “Ellie was such a bright and colourful personality, sassy, warm and loving to all. She went out of her way to do wonderful things for people and was thoughtful and kind. She was the outward face of the Rapid and Radiant family. She went out of her way to make sure that everyone who came through our door was looked after, and had an enjoyable experience. She loved the companies and they remained to be a part of her life until the end. We worked side by side for nearly 13 years. She was a formidable business partner and a force to be reckoned with and we worked incredibly well together. She was also a close and dear friend of mine and I will miss her deeply.”

Staff Tributes

“Anyone who ever met Ellie will always remember that bubbling and infectious enthusiasm for everything she touched. She tackled all the endless and thankless tasks the editing business could throw at her with a massive sense of humour and a huge heart - and with perhaps, just now and again the odd profanity. She had an innate sense of when things were going well or badly and knew exactly how to deal with it. From there her support, absolute loyalty and brilliant solutions never failed to follow.” Brian Marshall, co-founder of Rapid Pictures

“Ellie treated everyone she met and knew like her own family, and like family she would do whatever she could to help you. Whether it was to talk with you or just listen, to share a laugh and a joke or to drop whatever she was doing at that moment for a hug, she was always generous without exception. We were all Ellie’s family, and she loved us all as much as we loved her.” Pete Hollingsworth, Rapid Pictures post producer  

“Ellie had the ability to make you feel the most valued person when she was with you. Her generosity with her time and resources seemed to know no limits. Whether it was sourcing a coffee machine for the nurses in the hospital where she was having chemo or bringing in gifts for the other chemo patients, Ellie’s focus would be on how she could make things better for others. It is in part why Rapid has always been such a wonderful place to work. Ellie’s commitment to the staff and ensuring a positive working environment was total.
“Even while in the depths of her own suffering and probable outcome Ellie wanted to know how we were both holding up. “I’m so happy you guys got your happy ending” on hearing my news. Ellie deserved a happy ending. Her fearsome zest for life, selflessness, generosity and endless positivity demanded it. I will miss you Ellie, we will all miss you.” Steve Crook, dubbing mixer


“She was nurturing and fiercely protective of her work family, ready with a smile, an encouraging word and a hug. Ellie was an awesome boss from day one, and she would become a dear friend in the years that followed.” Doris Sajko, online editor

“Ellie was an explosion of kindness and language, encouragement and support, sass and love. She was a wonderful mentor and friend who I will miss terribly.” Jess Johnstone, post producer

“Ellie created the environment that makes Rapid and Radiant such a joy to work for. Kind, generous, funny, loyal, approachable and never ever work appropriate. She will be forever missed and never forgotten.”  Steve Oak, technical manager

“To say Ellie was a force of nature would be doing her an injustice, she was so much more than that.  Boundless enthusiasm, a  true belief  in people and a wicked sense of humour made Rapid & Radiant feel more than just a place to work. Her passion rubbed off on everyone, and when things weren’t going to plan she would always find a way to lift the mood and carry on going. To say she’ll be missed doesn’t even come close.” Andy Briars, head of post, Rapid & Radiant


Client Tributes

“Ellie was one in a million. I’ve never met anyone else like her. The legendary smile, the eye-watering swearing, the incredible intuition about what you really need when you were holed up in a tricky edit. She presented me with a massive personalised mug, when she found out I was making two cups of tea at once in Rapid’s compact mugs in order to quench my thirst. When I was pregnant, she ordered me a cab home when she found me pale and weary in an online late one evening. Rapid’s Wednesday afternoon treats are a legacy to her thoughtfulness, generosity, and love of cake.” Jacqueline Hewer, CEO & founder, Brown Bob Productions

“It was always a pleasure dealing with Ellie, she was one of the most caring, natural leaders I’ve ever met. Her team loved her and her personality made her a brilliant sales person without ever having to sell! She and Ben have made rapid and radiant what it is today and we would never want to work anywhere else. I was honoured to count Ellie as not only a colleague but a very close friend and I along with everyone at spark media will miss her greatly.” Helen Morrall, Spark Media Partners

“I had the privilege of meeting Ellie 15 years ago when we were editing a series at Rapid. Having met her and the team, we never looked anywhere else for our editing and over the next 15 years we became good friends. Ellie was the sort of friend everyone needs. Fiercely loyal, tenacious, incredibly kind, clever and one of the funnies people I’ve ever met. Ellie was unique, she’s a once in a life time meet and I feel so lucky that she was part of my life. I know many, many people feel the same, and there will be a huge hole left where she once was.” Jo Killingley, Dot To Dot Productions

“Ellie was my beautiful, funny, totally filthy, devilish, potty mouthed, kind, caring, loving, intelligent and total lunatic of a friend. We met through work 16 years ago when she came to schmooze me to use her post-production house. It was and will always be my favourite business meeting ever where we sunk four bottles of rose and not sure we discussed business once!
”I have been editing with her and her team ever since and she was integral in teaching me and my production management teams the wicked ways of Post Production and she could always find a solution to what seemed like an unfixable problem. She was not only my Post House Queen - she will be my true friend forever.” Nicki Gottlieb, CEO & founder, Brown Bob Productions

“There truly aren’t enough words to describe just how incredible Ellie was. We first met through work, but fast became great friends. She had one of the biggest hearts and someone you knew was always there for you. Not only was she an incredible business woman, loved by all her clients old & new, she just had an ability to light up every room she walked into and put a smile on your face. The industry has lost a warrior and I have lost a dear friend. Ellie you will be beyond missed, but are clearly meant for bigger things.” Emma Faulkus, production manager, Lion Television

“Elouise Carden was an absolute TV treasure; an unbelievably strong, fun loving, compassionate business woman and valued friend. I first met Ellie in 2011, when I was a newbie coordinator running around the hallways of Rapid Pictures for the first time. From the moment I heard Ellie’s infectious laugh, and experienced one of her warm cuddles, I was instinctively drawn to her. She quickly became my TV big sister, and over the years, we’ve seen each other through good times and bad - usually with cake and a glass or two of wine!
“Over the last couple of years, Ellie faced some of the most difficult challenges imaginable, but always did so with the most incredible strength, determination and a cheeky smile on her face. Words cannot express how thankful I am for my friendship with Ellie, or how much I will miss her, but her bravery and sense of humour will never be forgotten, and her bright star will continue to shine in our hearts forever. All my love to Ellie’s wonderful husband, Dan and her two gorgeous children, as well as Ben and Natalie and all the team at Rapid and Radiant Pictures.” Claire Riddell, line producer, Rare TV