The app enables high quality motion capture through advanced AI via an iOS app

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 13.14.29

Broadcast Tech has created a video showing how four iPhones can be used to capture live mocap data (see below).

The demo uses recently released app, This provides markerless motion capture, utilsing software that extracts human motion from video using advanced AI.

With a minimum of two iPhones, users can capture motion data from “anyone, anywhere, at AAA game studio quality,” says the company.

The app works with iPhone 8 onwards, running iOS 15 or above.

Fred Isaac, head of product at, said: “One of my favourite parts of the app is the simplicity. Anyone, anywhere can pick up the app and start capturing human motion with intricate detail, including hands, which are notoriously difficult to capture.

“Our greatest achievement so far has been capturing motion from a person using a jetpack, but we’ve also explored the app’s possibilities in various activities such as dance and sports, and even being able to capture fundamental human emotions.”