The Zoo Academy provides academic courses and practical workshops to skill up the next generation of translators, dubbing actors and script adapters

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Localisation company Zoo Digital has launched the Zoo Academy, a programme of academic courses, educational collaborations and practical workshops.

The Academy is aimed at inspiring and developing the translators, script adapters, dubbing actors and directors of the future.   

Zoo is working with universities and teaching professionals to proactively build long-term capacity in the localisation talent pool, particularly among those languages that currently have low supply.

Zoo Academy partners will use Zoo’s cloud-based scripting and dubbing platforms as part of the courses, which will take place around the world.  

As part of the setting up of the Zoo Academy, Zoo has worked with the University of Sheffield to offer the industry’s first professional development course in dubbing script adaptation.

The online course, which will be taught by the university’s academic specialists in media translation, incorporates contributions from a global team of experienced script adapters representing over 20 dubbing languages.

The course is set to start early next year and feature real-world exercises and case studies with content provided by Magnolia Pictures and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Stuart Green, CEO of Zoo Digital, said: “Zoo Academy will cultivate the talent pool of the future and support the delivery of high-quality media localisation at scale for years to come. It will develop a skilled resource of translators, adapters, actors and directors across all languages, who are expertly trained to work on premium media and entertainment content using Zoo’s cloud-based scripting and dubbing platforms. Our dubbing course with the University of Sheffield is an industry first and an excellent example of how we are leading the way and skilling up the industry to meet demand for global content.”    

Professor Dominic Broomfield-McHugh, from the University of Sheffield, added: “Alongside Zoo, our researchers from the School of Languages and Cultures have created a modern professional development course that will equip script adapters with the creative and technical skills to entertain audiences around the world. We’ll be providing new generations of translators, language students and academics with the tools they need to successfully contribute to the global media industry. We believe this collaborative university-industry approach is essential to the success of such training and we’re delighted to have been able to forge this partnership with Zoo.”  

Gabe Monterrubio, vp, digital media production at Magnolia Pictures, said: “Magnolia Pictures is pleased to lend its support to this important industry initiative. With the increased demand for more content across multiple languages and territories, we are encouraged by the program Zoo has developed to inspire and educate the dubbing and adaptation talent of the future. We look forward to their potential collaboration on our own upcoming localisation projects.”