Freelance creatives concerned that they will be left out of pocket following the sale of 422's business to Welsh facility Barcud Derwen have received reassurances this week that they will be paid, writes Will Strauss
The managing directors of the two new companies - 422 Manchester and 422 South - set up as a result of the buyout have promised 'to try to honour' some of the debts from the old company - 422 Ltd - which is currently in the hands of liquidators. This means that 3D animators, editors and visual effects artists owed money by 422 Ltd will, it is hoped, be paid by the two new companies respectively.Any other people or companies owed monies by the old 422 Ltd should contact the liquidators responsible for the company's debts.'We have agreed to endeavour to honour the debts of the old company,' said 422 South operations director Pete Levy. 'Obviously, this may take time as we are still in the process of organising the accounts for the new business. However, we are keen to stress that the last thing we want is to see individuals suffer as a consequence.'422 Manchester managing director Martin Dixon also aims to honour any outstanding liabilities to those owed money by the old 422.