Pinnacle Systems has added its broadcast editing system Liquid Blue to the Palladium-compatible line-up of products it will be showing at IBC in September, writes Barbara Marshall
Palladium is the system architecture Pinnacle launched at NAB earlier this year and is the cornerstone of the firm's media strategy. Ultimately, the firm aims to have all its products working on the platform, thereby sharing storage and improving workflow so that broadcasters will be able to ingest, edit, browse and play to air from a single source without the use of video tapes.Liquid Blue will be shown working alongside the MediaStream network storage and Vortex network news systems at IBC later this year.Pinnacle claims Palladium is the first platform to offer broadcasters 'bullet-proof architecture with virtually no limits on storage or input/output channels'. It supports both high-speed, real-time Fibre Channel and Ethernet storage access as well as Mpeg and DV formats. In addition, it has a built-in fault re-routing system that ensures a no single point of failure guarantee.The firm is currently working on bringing the Mpeg 2 and DV editing systems Liquid Silver and Liquid Purple into the Palladian architecture.