The Farm will provide the finishing services for the upcoming US version of The X Factor, with the show’s production firm, Fremantle Media, completing the offline edit.

The Soho post facility provides full post for the UK version of the show, and Broadcast understands it will be the first time The Farm has split the post process with the production company.

Fremantle Media vice-president of post-production Zach Jarosz confirmed The Farm would be working on the new series.

“We’re trying to figure out a way to mesh with them, to blend with them,” he told Broadcast at last week’s NAB.

“The guys at The Farm know how to run it, they know all the challenges, but they’ve only just got here and bought a building.”

At the end of last year, The Farm revealed plans to acquire an existing, unnamed LA facility (Broadcast 10.12.10), which is understood to be near completion.

“Because they have not been in the US long, they’re not really ready to handle all of the offline yet and things are a little different culturally here - for example, with the use of post supervisors,” Jarosz added.

Jarosz said the programme would be “the first show of this scale and nature to be entirely filebased, with 2,500 hours of footage for just one series”.