NAB 2014: The Foundry has unveiled Nuke Studio, a single application for VFX, editorial and finishing that builds on the company’s compositing tool Nuke.

The Foundry said a combined timeline and node-graph workflow in Nuke Studio lets artists create a project in one app from start to finish, while a hub allows teams to share scripts, annotations and versions.

Nuke product marketing manager Philippa Carroll said: “We wanted to make a product that can offer artists a new way of working, that meets the needs of fast turnaround production.

“We know that artists are under greater and greater pressure to turn around projects faster and that calls for a solution that gives them more power, control, and flexibility than ever before.”

GPU accelerated effects can be added in the timeline, while built-in render farm functionality uses all available resources to boost speed and performance on a single or multiple machines.

The Foundry said Nuke Studio would be available later this year.