Soho post boutique The Look has upgraded its Quantel suite to full Pablo specification complete with a Neo grading panel.


The improvements will give managing director and colourist Thomas Urbye access to extra tools for his long-form and commercials work,

Urbye said: “It is important we offer the most creative and productive technology that the market has to offer, and the Pablo Neo working alongside the eQ with Genetic Engineering allows projects to be shared easily.

“The Neo panel gives me new tools and makes grading faster, more intuitive and more comfortable too – which will make a big difference in long-form work in particular. It’s a serious grading panel for serious grading work.”

The move follows a similar upgrading towards the end of 2009 when the company changed its Quantel Max system to an eQ, a move that gave it two online suites and now allows its operators to share project work between systems. 

Recent projects completed by The Look include BBC drama series Desperate Romantics and Criminal Justice 2.