Complete visual effects and post-production on the new series of the missing persons drama

VFX/post The Flying Colour Company/Halo

Client New Pictures

Brief Complete visual effects and post-production on a new 8x60-minute missing persons investigation drama.

How it was done The Flying Colour Company provided on-set supervision for key VFX shots and followed the work through in post-production.

The circa 300 shots comprised both invisible fixes - such as levelling out falling and fallen snow – and more complex VFX sequences including the creation of a gatehouse entrance to a military base and various stunt scenes.

Halo provided picture and sound post. During the grade, Ross Baker looked to differentiate the time periods by giving 2014 a colder feel with more contrast while 2016 was warmer with a more open sense of heat.

Jay Price and Lee Crichlow completed the sound design, Rob Grainger provided the online and Paul Cotterell completed the dubbing mix.

Watch it Wednesdays, 9pm, BBC1