Post-production on the psychological thriller

Post The Farm (picture) and 422 (audio)

Client Left Bank Pictures

Brief Post-production on the psychological thriller about a woman on maternity leave who becomes paranoid about the motives of the person covering for her.

How it was done The Farm’s Sonny Sheridan graded the raw Arri Alexa files using Digital Visions’ Nucoda, giving the series a high-contrast, edgy visual identity.

Scenes were pushed to their extreme to add an edge to the colourful appearance.

Some scenes had a subtler contrast, while others were more heightened, reflecting the darker elements of the narrative.

Owen Hulme completed the online.

422 dubbing mixer John Cobban kept the audio natural. Dialogue was as close to source as possible, with limited use of ADR.

This maintained the authenticity of the performances. Breaths and vocalisations were removed to allow space to enhance moments of tension.

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