Create the on-air package for new female entertainment channel TLC

Idents and branding The Council

Client Discovery UK Creative

Brief Create the on-air package, including seven bumpers and six idents, for new female entertainment channel TLC which launched this week.

How it was done The Council focussed on the role of the brand as a curator of content, the British tone of voice, and its active engagement in conversation with the audience.

The channel will have live continuity to ensure social media is immediate and interactive with viewers, so the identity needed to support this hands-on and live approach.

The Council chose to build on the existing red letters “TLC” and animate them in a playful way in 2D and 3D showcasing programme content.

The aim was to create a stripped back look and feel to give a platform for the ‘talk-about-TV’ content, giving it a structure that allows navigation alongside entertainment and audience engagement.

The brand strategy and the advertising campaign were created in-house by Discovery UK Creative. The idents and all other elements of the channel graphic package were created by The Council in collaboration with the Discovery in-house design team.