Full picture post on Channel 4’s 4 x 47-minute Hackney based drama.

Picture Post The Look

Client Cowboy Films

Brief Full picture post on Channel 4’s 4 x 47-minute Hackney-based Channel 4 drama.

How it was done Shot with anamophic lenses on the Arri Alexa to Pro Res Log-C, this series had a look and feel which The Look says has not been seen on UK television before.

Before shooting, director Yann Demange and DP Tat Radcliffe decided that rather than set a certain tone or colour for all four episodes they wanted The Look’s colourist Thomas Urbye to bring a different colour palette to each location in the drama. 

“The note from the first camera tests was to be bold with colour and contrast, and never to show London as cold and desaturated, as it so often is in UK drama,” says Urbye.

“We even felt that the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone, which is so popular now, was a good reference. We loved the feel of reversal stock, but we could push it further, skewing hues and adding windows, which all meant this gripping story could also be told through its use of colour.”