TSI Broadcast has signed a 12 month rolling contract to supply Ionoco's Web2TV product to its broadcast services clients.

Web2TV is a low-cost system that delivers live content to channels via the internet.

It takes a feed from single or multiple network cameras over the internet, avoiding expensive satellite links, and provides features to cut and mix live images and audio and add effects and graphics using ionoco's proprietary software ionologic.

The fully finished output can be fed directly to a TV channel's MUX or to studio for inclusion in programming or re-broadcast via the internet to another location.

The technology will be combined with TSI's editing, channel management, playout, distribution and storage services.

Nick Doff, the managing Director of TSI Broadcast, said: “We have always been impressed with ionoco's ingenious applications of technology. Nothing else we could find out there in the market brought all these elements together in an easy to use and affordable package.”

The technology will be combined with TSI's range of technical services including editing, channel management, playout, distribution and storage.

“By combining our services we're offering a unique product to the marketplace,” explained Ionoco founder and chief exective Simon Ingram. “As Web2TV runs on ionoco's proprietary software, ionologic, we can offer full gallery functionality at exceptionally low cost. The deal with TSI enables us to expand on the significant commercial potential of Web2TV.”

The new deal has already resulted in a first project; to create and deliver live streaming and graphics between programmes on Ocean Finance TV on Sky.

Ionoco was formed through the merger of three existing companies: Randomaker, G-Graphics and TV2GO. Led by Chris Goss, Simon Ingram and David Walton, the company offers technologies for the broadcast, lottery and gaming markets.

TSI Broadcast provides ingest, transcoding, file based digital delivery, secure storage, play-out, live browsing, hosting, IPTV and web TV services.