Software firm TV Genius has launched a tool for measuring Twitter activity around TV programmes.

The service, launched today, provides live feedback and statistics to enable broadcasters and content owners to understand more about how audiences are reacting to programming and which episodes are most talked about.

“TV viewing figures tell us a lot about which shows are the most popular, but they do not give any indication towards people’s opinions and levels of engagement,” said TV Genius chief executive Tom Weiss.

TV Genius’ Twitter analytics shows the top twenty shows that were tweeted about in the UK each night.

Each top show can be clicked on, which reveals real-time tweets about the show, an episode summary, and a graph presenting how many tweets that show has received over time.

The service currently monitors UK activity.

“If [viewers] are tweeting about a show, we know they are engaged and that it is relevant to them and not just running in the background.

“Our new analytics service enables operators or content owners to learn more about their programming and make strategic decisions based on the knowledge they receive,” added Weiss.