IBC 2013: Researchers at Warwick University claim to have made a significant step in High Dynamic Range (HDR) by developing a £325,000 camera system comprising two DSLRs.

HDR is the technique of capturing a far wider range of colour and lighting detail than is possible with existing camera technology.

Development in this area has been limited because of the extreme amount of data required for processing.

A single uncompressed HDR frame requires 24Mbs, which results in 42Gb for a minute of footage at HD 30fps, compared with just 10Gb for a minute of normal HD footage.

Warwick University’s GoHDR research group said it has devised the first complete low-cost HDR video solution including camera, encoder and viewing software.

It recorded a recent Florida space rocket launch in 20 f-stops and 30 frames per second.

The results of the test, and a full post processing and display pipeline, are on show at IBC’s R&D section Future Zone.