The use of file transfer tools has been one of the biggest changes to affect colourists in recent years, according to The Look managing director and colourist Thomas Urbye.

Urbye told delegates at the Production & Post Forum that the availability of software such as We Transfer meant execs who might not be present during the grade were now able to view programmes from any location.

But he warned that involving more people in the approval process had the potential to slow down post-production, and that watching graded footage on poorly set up screens or uncalibrated monitors was unsatisfactory.

“People think they can watch on a laptop, but we can’t tell them how to adjust their display if the programme is being watched across lots of screens. There really is no point trying to line up a load of Macs. Apart from sitting in on the session, there is not much that can be done about it. It’s not as bad with drama, but it will get worse,” Urbye warned.