Complete the online edit and grade for the Christmas special of ITV’s Vicious

Post Princess Post Production 

Client Brown Eyed Boy

Brief Complete the online edit and grade for the 60-minute Christmas special, which is also the last episode of the sitcom.

How it was done The online edit and grade were completed by colourist Zeb Chadfield of The Finish Line using DaVinci Resolve Studio. 

Chadfield was able to keep the same style as the previous series of Vicious, but added a subtle look to each part of the show to reflect a different season of the year.

The main challenge was completing the online and grade in a day, including all of the text, credits and tracking, as well as the masking of booms in shot.

Adobe Premiere Pro was used for the offline edit while Avid Pro Tools was used for audio. 

Watch it Friday, 9pm, ITV