Picture and audio post for the BBC1 documentary about the Take That singer’s career

Post Envy

Client Fulwell 73

Brief Complete picture and audio post for the BBC1 documentary in which Take That fan James Corden goes on a road trip with singer Gary Barlow.

How it was done Dubbing mixer Andy Hodges said there were some challenging sections in the programme caused by noisy background audio and rustle from radio mics which needed treating.

Hodges said the sound team at Envy also had to match the poor quality audio from Corden’s laptop with the audio of the original clips that were inter-cut throughout the interview sequences to maintain consistency with the visual cuts of Corden and Barlow’s reactions to the footage of the Take That frontman’s younger years.

Hodges said: “This was a little tricky as the clips themselves were of a low quality and once played back and recorded through the laptop’s speakers had changed considerably from their original level and fullness.”

Hodges also focused on giving the show “interesting but clean” dynamics, moving from big stadiums and arenas to soft, subtle, delicate moments where family issues where raised and discussed.

Colourist Vicki Matich completed the grade, while Mark Corrance was online editor. Rosie Hargreaves and Charlotte Way were post producers for the show.

Watch it Monday 5 May, 9pm, BBC1