The Collectv has delivered a set of logging, recording and media management services for Twofour’s ITV2 reality show Ibiza Weekender as as part of its venture into a wider range of genres.

The Collectv used a pair of EVS XT3 servers to record three HD streams, as well as a quad-split output for logging and post production.

Both EVS servers were set to record in the XDCAM HD 50Mbps codec and content was streamed natively in this codec to shared storage, as well as being simultaneously transcoded to low-res formats for logging and offline editing.

Content was backed up to LT05 and Sata HDD disks in order to provide three copies of all content before the EVS record trains were cleared.

ENG material, whcih was shot on Canon XF305 cameras, was ingested using Avid Media Composer and was married up with the rig rushes to ensure that editors could work immediately as soon as production relocated to Plymouth.

The system needed to integrate into Twofour’s Plymouth facilities for the in-house post production process.

After the location recording in Ibiza, The Collectv moved its system back to Plymouth, where offline media was copied onto an Avid ISIS 7000 for editing, and the shared storage was used as a staging post for online conforms.

Finally, all of the rig content and rich associated log metadata was made available to the production team using EVS’s IP Browse desktop production tool, where selections could be made and sent to Avid.

“Twofour’s post facilities are completely integrated with their production teams and their requirements were led very much by their head of facilities, Rick Horne, who wanted a comprehensive but easy to use logging solution for the production team,” said The Collectv operations director Chris Sarson.

“We tested multiple solutions with and for them before agreeing this one, knowing that this neat solution would provide them with a good logging experience and therefore good production content.”

The Collectv’s previous credits include Formula One, the Australian Open and the World Darts Championship.