Vauxhall’s WRN Broadcast has picked up a contract to manage and playout a range of TV channels for Wananchi Group Holdings’ (WGH) triple play Zuku platform in East Africa .

The broadcast services company will be responsible for the playout, multiplexing and distribution of 34 of Zuku’s 100+ channels with six being made available in both SD and HD.

Ingest and content management, including the six high definition channels, will take place at WRN’s new media centre in south London (pictured).

Lars Anderson, the chief executive of Wananchi Group Holdings, said: “Wananchi’s intention has always been to offer East Africans the opportunity to watch the best local and international content. WRN Broadcast understands this and with their well engineered broadcast solutions and our commitment to top quality content and services, such as HD, we believe we’re in a fantastic position to do just that.”

WRN Broadcast managing director David Treadway said: “Our ability to provide a reliable, cost-effective solution based on our expert staff and state of the art technology means we can satisfy demand from anywhere in the world, showcased here by our multi-channel delivery between the UK and Africa.”