Zandar Technologies is showing its new QS100HD Quad-split monitor card at Broadcast Live and Video Forum.

Due for release onto the market on February 1, the QS100HD has been designed to work with Sony monitors and in any four screen arrangement that normally sit inside an OB truck.

It was developed in conjunction with Sony and has been installed in two OB trucks - in South Africa and Pakistan.

The card, which was in development for 18 months, sits inside the monitor thereby reducing rack space, power consumption and video delay.

The card auto-detects up to four analogue, SDI (525, 625) or HD (720p, 1080i) inputs; native high and standard definition input processing to ensure excellence in picture quality; simultaneous DVI and HD/SDI output; 10 bit resolution for all digital inputs; in-picture embedded audio metering and alarms with up to eight channels per input as well as fault detection and on-screen video & audio alarms, fault notification via SNMP.

The card has been designed to work with the entire Sony LMD range.

Zander was bought by Harris Corporation in November 2007.