AJA Video Systems has updated its range of I/O video products to be compatible with Adobe’s Creative Suite 6 applications.

The new drivers, for AJA’s Io Express, Io XT and Kona products, support Adobe’s new plug-in architecture, called Mercury Transmit, and video out in Premiere Pro CS6.

“Many of our customers use some combination of the Adobe Creative Suite as part of their toolset,” said AJA president Nick Rashby.

“With the new Transmit plug-in architecture, we anticipate significant performance boosts in video I/O for our Kona, Io XT and Io Express customers using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 software.”

The software, for Mac and Windows users, is free to download.

Al Mooney, Adobe product manager for professional video solutions, said: “Having support for AJA’s I/O products offers our customers very reliable, high-quality and top-performing video options.”