NAB 2014: Blackmagic Design has added the 4K-capable Ursa to its growing range of cameras.

Designed for large film crews as well as single person use, the camera has a Super 35 global shutter with a 4K image sensor, internal dual RAW and Apple ProRes recorders and offers 12 stops of dynamic range.

It also features a 10-inch fold out monitor.

Blackmagic Design chief executive Grant Petty said: “Our goal when developing the Ursa was to build a camera that had all the cooling capacity for higher frame rates, and a large on set monitor as well as built in scopes so you had everything you need built into the camera itself.

“The problem with spending so much money building in such incredible accessories is that they become outdated as sensor technology moves on.

“So we designed the ability to upgrade the sensor so customers can simply bolt on a new sensor and turret assembly in the future.

“We think this is a revolution and this upgradable design means we have been able to put a lot more effort into the design of the camera body itself and the quality of the screens, recorders, cooling system and processing power than would normally be offered.

“The result is one of the most amazing television products I have ever seen.”

The camera has been divided into three areas. The first is described as the DoP station, which features the 10-inch fold-out, on-set monitor.

The camera assist section has a separate screen for camera settings, status and scopes.

And and the rear of the camera contains audio meters, controls and connections.

A modular camera turret includes the sensor, lens mount and lens control connections and can be replaced by removing four bolts.

There are four variants of the camera: customers can choose EF mount; PL mount; a broadcast video sensor with B4 mount; or an HDMI model.

The HDMI model’s lens mount is replaced by a ‘cheese plate’ of mounting points and a HDMI input, allowing any third party camera to use the features of the Ursa camera body such as the recorder, monitor and scopes.

The camera will ship from June for around £3,600.