Evolutions has won the contract to provide full post-production on Gordon Ramsay's The F Word and the new series of Gladiators.

The last series of the F Word was posted by The London Studios. The new deal includes offline and online, audio and grading on the 12-part series. The F Word airs from 13 May on Channel 4.

Evolutions is also carrying out the post on the new series of Gladiators on Sky One.

On that show, production facilties are being provided by SIS OB, the company that bought BBC Outside Broadcasts.

Production is set up at Shepperton, with SIS providing 16 HD cameras including seven handheld cameras, two tripods, two jibs, a Technocrane and four fixed hothead positions. All the cameras feed into SIS OB's Unit 12.

Separately, operations manager Lorraine Lydon has joined Evolutions from Envy Post-Production.