‘Dan is keen to listen and learn and has a great work ethic. His research is always thorough’

  • 28
  • Assistant producer
  • True to Nature

Dan Viner started in the industry in 2019 as a runner and he has not stood still since, progressing to assistant producer in the space of just two years, via a range of roles including researcher, aerial photographer, additional camera and shooting researcher.

He developed his skillset on BBC Studios’ Countryfile, where he began as a runner/ researcher and was quickly entrusted to travel as single unit and self-shoot entire VTs for primetime TX in 2020. He accumulated credits in seven di­fferent roles over two years on the programme, including a full camera credit.

Viner was also a key part of the team that ensured that Countryfile stayed on air every week during the Covid-19 pandemic and was praised for his e­fforts by the BBC’s senior leadership.

Viner’s next career step was as a shooting AP for Spun Gold West’s Garden Rescue, where he was an editorial constant during a relentless shoot in which the team filmed 36 episodes back to back.

He has worked across a multitude of genres, including true crime, children’s, ob doc, gardening, rural a­ airs and daytime. His most recent foray was into natural history, which started with his role as a shooting researcher on True to Nature/CBBC’s One Zoo Three before progressing to assistant producer for spin-o­ series OZT Goes Wild In Britain.

James Vale, producer and director, says Viner is a “real gamechanger”, bringing value to every series he has worked on, and an “unflappable presence” during the production process.

He adds: “Dan is a super-skilled drone pilot and camera op, with an artistic eye, backed up by strong technical knowledge. Keen to listen and learn, he has a great work ethic, his research is always thorough and precise. If only it were possible to clone him.”