‘Time and again, Jade has displayed remarkable composure in high-pressure situations’

  • 36
  • Production executive
  • Keo Films

Keo Films’ BBC2 series Once Upon A Time In Iraq and Once Upon A Time In Northern Ireland are two of the most acclaimed factual series of recent times. They’re also among the most challenging to put together – which is where Jade Miller-Robinson comes in.

On the recent Northern Ireland series, she led a team working on the sensitive subject of The Troubles and their aftermath, which needed to be told with balance and care.

“Time and time again, Jade has displayed remarkable composure in high-pressure situations, and she is always pivotal in creating supportive working environments that prioritise the care and mental wellbeing of both contributors and the production team alike,” says Keo creative director Will Anderson.

Documentaries with thorny subjects, vulnerable contributors and, on occasion, hostile environments fi ll Miller-Robinson’s CV: cancer in The Big C And Me, cross-channel immigration in Exodus: the Journey Continues and the impact of the Covid outbreak in Pandemic 2020.

For Passion Pictures director of unscripted production Trevor Lopez de Vergara, Miller-Robinson has mastered one of the hardest elements of production management: the balance of meeting both creative ambition and business commercial needs. “Jade has repeatedly delivered award-winning premium factual projects on budget,” he says.

“She’s a fantastic leader, able to inspire teams with a demonstrable focus on diversity and equality.”

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