‘Laura’s dedication and work ethic make her the most wonderful person to have as part of a creative team’

  • 35
  • Hair and make-up designer
  • Freelance

Laura Miles is living proof that talent, hard work and belief pay off. She’s worked on sketch shows, scripted comedy, spy dramas and period pieces, but undoubtedly her greatest triumph to date is her work on BBC2 comedy drama The Following Events Are Based On A Pack Of Lies.

The show’s producer, Georgie Fallon, says: “We had a big cast and a tight budget but she managed to give each part a unique look and an interesting visual without it ever feeling too heightened.”

The final episode features a myths, legends and fantasy literature ball with 80 people costumed in a specific character design. “What Laura achieved was outstanding,” says Fallon. “Every single look was intricate and elaborate – what you would expect on a huge US series, not a band 2 UK production.”