NEP Visions will make approximately 17 of its 86 full-time staff redundant in a restructure that sees the company pre-empt an anticipated downturn in ad hoc work throughout 2009.

The cuts have been made across all departments including cameramen, rigging and unit managers. The only department to avoid the cuts will be Vision Engineering which Visions chairman Martin Anderson attributes to the department being understaffed in the first place.

According to Anderson, the company anticipates less ad hoc work for 2009.

Visions also plans to dispose of four SD trucks. Anderson said: “Although they've been busy we just aren't making money from them. That area of the market is very competitive.” The company therefore requires fewer full-time staff.

There has been an increased concentration of events on Saturdays and Sundays, this work tends to be undertaken by freelance rather than full-time staff.

Broadcasters are looking to get jobs done more quickly and efficiently, pressure driving costs, Visions is therefore under pressure to reduce overheads.

The move coincides with Anderson's move to the role of chairman of NEP Visions, with Steve Jenkins taking on the role of managing director across NEP Visions, as well as sister company Roll to Record.

In addition, Roll To Record is moving into the NEP Visions site in Staines over the Christmas break, where the company is currently creating an additional 2,000 square feet of office space. The lease is coming to an end at its Hayes site.