Viasat, the Scandinavian satellite broadcaster, has bought Red Bee Media's Piero 3D virtual graphics system for use on its coverage of both Danish and English football.

Already used by the BBC amongst others, Piero enhances sport video content and provides analysis graphics - from live or archive footage - showing play from angles that cannot be captured by conventional cameras.

Viasat will use Piero on seven channels including TV3 Norway which shows the FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

It will also be the first broadcaster to utilise Piero's new live interface, allowing users to overlay virtual graphics - such as off-side lines and free kick circles - onto live footage of the game.

Viasat has also bought additional features for pre and post-match content including a new Player Line Up feature, and 3D Animated Players.

Johnny Glud Sørensen, technical manager at Viasat Denmark, said: “We were looking for a graphics package which would deliver something unique for our viewers. We anticipate that Piero's' ground breaking technology will add a new dimension to our post-match analysis”

Piero works in both HD and SD and is housed in a conventional tower workstation allowing easy installation in studios and OB vehicles.