Sohonet has promoted Damien Carroll to the role of chief operating officer.

In his previous role as commercial director Carroll was responsible for The Sohonet Hub which launched today as an address book and contacts application.

Carroll said: “Many of our customers prefer to do business with other Sohonet network members because they know that any digital data they send or receive will be delivered securely and quickly across our dedicated global media network.

“The Sohonet Hub has been developed as a result of extensive feedback from customers looking for an easier way to connect and do business with other community members, and it will continue to play an important part of Sohonet’s service offering as further enhancements are rolled out over the coming months.”

In his new role Carroll will manage Sohonet’s sales and operations and will oversee the development of other new solutions and services, alongside Sohonet Hub.

Sohonet chief executive Dave Scammell said: “In his first year at Sohonet, Damien has helped us clearly define our value propositions for next generation technology solutions and significantly enhanced the value of our core asset, the Sohonet Media Network.”

Sohonet’s previous chief operating officer, Dino Ciminiello, left the company 18 months ago.