The company has spent US$150,000 on the suites, for its LA and London offices

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Media management company Bitmax has invested US$150,000 (£113,000) in Dolby Atmos suites in its London and LA facilities.

The Dolby Atmos suites are accredited by Dolby, and will be used by Bitmax for client content preparation, compliance and quality assessment for Dolby Atmos and spatial audio.

Bitmax says its music video and film clients have seen increased demand from consumers for Dolby Atmos following the purchase of sound bars and advanced home entertainment systems. The suites have so far been used to deliver tracks for Apple for client Absolute Label Services.

Scott Pawsey, operations and technology director, Bitmax, said: “We’ve recognised that a lot happens to an Atmos asset from when it leaves the mixing suite to when it arrives at the content platform. We have the expertise to ensure that our client’s content arrives on the platform as good as it left the mixing suite, giving the home consumer the full experience intended by the director.”

Bridget Branagan-Freeman, digital production manager, Absolute Label Services, said: “It was a very easy process working with Bitmax for a mixed media album we were looking to release. Bitmax had no issues incorporating video, Dolby Atmos and lossless audio files.”