She will lead the delivery of the VFX software company’s product portfolio across media and entertainment

Christy Anzelmo, CPO, Foundry

VFX giant Foundry has appointed Christy Anzelmo (pictured above) as chief product officer. She will lead the strategic vision and delivery of Foundry’s product portfolio across media and entertainment, and the digital design industries.

Anzelmo joined Foundry in 2015 and was previously senior director of product, leading product management and product design for Foundry’s Nuke, Hiero, Cara VR, and Flix products.

Her background is in product design and business management – she has 15 years of product leadership experience across fashion, electronics and software products.

Anzelmo said: “Developing creative ideas into successful products has been a focus throughout my product management career. I have been fortunate enough to work with passionate and dedicated VFX and animation artists and the teams that support them, which has been a continual source of inspiration and motivation to innovate the Nuke family. As our customers’ workflows evolve, so must the tools and technologies that we deliver to them, so I’m thrilled to be stepping in as chief product officer to drive our vision of enabling greater collaboration and efficiency for our customers so they can meet the demands of theirs.”

Jody Madden, CEO at Foundry, added: “Since joining Foundry, Christy has done an exceptional job building the compositing, editorial, and review product management team to strengthen our industry-leading products. I am confident that a respected and collaborative leader like Christy will be instrumental in delivering our vision to empower creative teams and increase momentum across the entire portfolio during a time of significant change. I look forward to seeing the innovative solutions Christy and team will deliver for our customers across industries.”