Audio post-production on a new 52 x 7-minute pre-school series


Client CHF Entertainment

Post Dock 10

Brief Audio post-production on a new 52 x 7-minute pre-school series.

How it was done Dock 10 senior dubbing mixer Paul Harrison crafted a “carefully understated” soundtrack to help turn everyday learning into different adventures in CHF Entertainment’s animated pre-school series Daisy & Ollie. “The average four-year-old asks more than 400 questions a day,” said CHF Entertainment director of production Helen Brown. “These range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the serious to the silly, and everything in between. Daisy and Ollie, along with their out-of-the-ordinary toys, Boo the Monkey and Whizzy the Robot, discover the answers to their questions.” With the audio soundtrack playing a vital role in driving the narrative and direction of each episode, Harrison worked closely with the production team, including celebrated composer Keith Hopwood, from early in the production process. “The way sound brings pictures to life is fascinating,” said Harrison. “And it’s always exciting to be brought in at the early stages of a new programme. It gives you a great opportunity to really understand how the show works and to make the soundscape an integral part of its development path. While we’ve deliberately kept the Daisy & Ollie soundtrack reasonably understated, it effortlessly carries the story along and really enhances the messaging that lies at the heart of each episode.”

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