Unit’s graphics work on Wall To Wall’s 4 x 60-minute BBC2 series

One bomb 03 revised

Client Wall to Wall

Motion graphics Unit Film & TV division, Unit Studios

Brief Motion graphics on this 4 x 60-minute BBC2 series, which looks into the impact of four World War II bombs during the Blitz.

How it was done Unit Studios created authentic Ordnance Survey maps, reconnaissance photographs and maps from the period. It also animated the fall of the bombs to make them feel natural. “One challenge was creating the aerial maps for the Blitz sequences,” says executive producer Nicola Kingham. “We were supplied with a selection of archive aerial images for each episode. However, not all of these existed in high resolution. This resulted in us gathering stock images of aerial city shots to create a patchwork of each landscape.” Post house Envy completed the online, grade and audio post-production.

Watch it Thursdays, 9pm, BBC2