He will become commercial director at recently formed post house

Bleat Post Production

David Turner has left his role as head of film and drama at Halo to become commercial director at Bleat.

Bleat, based in Hackney, opened in October 2022 and focuses on drama and high-end documentaries. It was created by composer, producer, and mixer Tristin Norwell and provides Dolby Atmos mixing, grading, online and conform in two Dolby Atmos Theatrical mix stages with an additional four multi-functional, hybrid suites that can be used for grade, online and conform and/or Dolby Atmos HETV.

Over 20 projects have been completed at Bleat since it opened.

David Turner Bleat Post Production

Turner spent 12 years at Halo leading its film and drama department, joining only a few years after the company was founded and helping it to become established as a major UK post house. He starts at Bleat from 6 March, now completely focused on the commercial side of the business. He comes from a technical background, having also been head of sound at Pepper Post and head of audio operations at Molinare.

Turner said: “The moment I stepped into Bleat I was completely blown away by the exceptional quality of the installation and their clear passion for technical excellence and sustainability. But above all, it was their strong ethos towards creating an incredibly beautiful client-focused environment for modern-day post production that really resonated with me. All the suites are exquisite and provide accurate picture and sound translation for both theatrical and home entertainment platforms.

“The Dolby Atmos mix stages are perfectly sized and offer remarkable sonic clarity - quite simply the best rooms I have heard. There is a growing community of directors, producers and post talent in East London, so it feels like the perfect time to be leaving Soho. We want to create a collaborative creative atmosphere in which filmmakers can be inspired whilst we help them enhance and deliver their projects.”

Norwell added: “Dave’s passion for scripted and long-form film production and his unrivalled knowledge of best work-flow practices are the perfect match for our ambitions to marry the latest technology with the demands of high-end finishing. Accurate quoting along with a caring and considered approach to filmmaking are paramount to a project’s success, and these are qualities Dave seems to carry in abundance. We are totally made-up with his decision to join after such a successful and illustrious career.”