Soho post house opens two new audio rooms


Fifty Fifty has opened two new audio rooms - a Pro Tools mixing suite with an Avid S3 panel and a 5.1 HD tracklay room.

The new rooms are on the third floor of Fifty Fifty’s building, “away from the hustle and bustle of Soho streets but also with the benefit of being bathed in natural light,” said commercial director JP Dash.

The expansion cost around £50,000 and took a month and a half to complete.

The addition of Fifty Fifty’s second audio suite enables the facility to take on additional audio work and work to tighter deadlines, while the tracklay room makes it possible to do prep and pre-mix work.

“Once a project is complete, we can then go back to the tracklay to create all deliverables and carry out any versioning required, freeing up our mix suites to get started on the next project,” adds Dash.

Head of audio, Gavin Allingham said: “The two new suites will enable us to meet the needs of bigger and more demanding productions. The decision to spec up the tracklay to be fully compatible with the mix rooms allows us to turn around complex deliveries with no strain on resources.”

Fifty Fifty’s recent productions include Our Shirley Valentine Summer, Penelope Keith’s Coastal Villages and Jack Whitehall: At Large.