Digital servicing centre in Covent Garden facility provides QC, deliverables, transcoding and secure fast uploads


Post and restoration house Final Frame has launched Room 1 Media, a 24/7 digital bureau servicing centre.

Housed in Final Frame’s new Covent Garden facility, Room 1 Media provides high-end QC, deliverables, transcoding and secure fast uploads.

Final Frame has made an overall £750k investment in infrastructure, monitoring, transcoding, hardware, software and personnel.

Room 1 Media is headed up Jeremy Bronitt and Daniel Martin. Bronitt said: “To meet industry-wide rising content demands, we are providing super-efficient data services that are extremely competitively priced. UHD, DPP, IMF, archive library digitisation, content preparation, international reversioning and secure global content distribution.”

Simon Marbrook, managing director of Final Frame London, added: “By being able to offer extended services with Room 1 Media, we not only increase our efficiency but also optimise spend for our clients.”