The company created near latency-free real-time creature animation

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Virtual production specialist Final Pixel has issued the results of a research project to incorporate live-action body and facial mo cap of a creature animation into virtual production workflows.

The snappily titled research – At the edge of the Metaverse: Live Body and Facial Motion Capture for LED Wall Virtual Production, with Rendering of High-Quality Digital Characters in Real-time – is available for free download from here.

The ‘industry-first’ research enabled Final Pixel to understand the limits of the software and workflow to give future clients the opportunity to incorporate detailed motion capture digital characters in their virtual productions.

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Final Pixel successfully achieved live facial and body motion capture streamed to Unreal Engine and played through Disguise. It used cluster rendering to render a high-quality bespoke 3D character built using a traditional CG pipeline with what it said was an extremely high level of detail.

The team was able to create real-time interactions between the characters in-camera with relatively little latency.

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The project was shot at Digital Catapult’s Virtual Production Test Stage, a joint venture with Target3D.

Michael McKenna, CEO of Final Pixel, said: “As a company specialising in virtual production for film, tv and advertising, we are excited by the opportunities working in real-time game engines can provide for the creative process when everything can be captured in-camera while shooting live-action. The next evolution of this technology is to look at the elements which are still considered too heavy or complex to move out of the post-production workflow. Digital characters and creature work is a big area for this and also extremely important for storytelling narrative.”

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