Flix Facilities work on Platform Productions doc

Richard macer

Client Platform Productions

Post Flix Facilities

Brief Picture and sound post on a 60-minute doc in which film-maker Richard Macer seeks to revaluate his home town of Milton Keynes.

How it was done The online and grade was completed by Siôn Roberts using Avid Symphony. With the film combining archive footage with newly shot interviews, lots of reformatting was required to match up the different aspect ratios. In the grade, the film was given a bright and warm feel, with a fairly neutral hue. Archive footage was corrected to balance the whites and maintain consistency. In the dub, mixers Lindsey Greensmith and Robin Cowap used iZotope noise restoration plug-ins to clean up the audio on the archive footage. The sound mix was completed using Pro Tools HD12 on an Avid S6 console.

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