Out of thin air 2

Client Mosaic Films

Post Envy

Brief Use colour grading to portray fragmented memories in a 1 x 60-minute doc for BBC4 Storyville and Netflix that centres on an investigation into two violent murders in Iceland

How it was done The doc was graded by colourist Vicki Matich using Baselight. As the main theme is memory, the grade needed to reflect everything from clarity to murkiness. Matich said: “There were three main elements to archive, interviews and reconstruction. I kept the palette of the reconstruction authentic to the 1970s but gave the interviews a more dramatic, Nordic Noir look.” To achieve the desired palette, she used a combination of Look Up Tables (LUTs) and hue-shifted colours. The online editor was Barrie Pease. The dubbing mixer was Matt Skilton.

Watch it Available now on BBC iPlayer