Fulwell 73’s space documentary features a series of graphics sequences from Jump Design


Jump Design has created a series of graphics for Fulwell 73’s new space documentary Among The Stars.

Among The Stars follows NASA astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy on his last mission to space to repair the AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) onboard the International Space Station.

Jump created three types of graphic sequences for the production.

The first were timeline graphics. These had to clearly explain the dates of mission launches, spacewalks and the arrival and departure of astronauts in between missions.

The second set explained the structure and inner workings of NASA and the departments within it.


The third set of graphics were used to clearly illustrate what the astronauts were doing during their space missions. These involved building photo-real CGI astronauts and moving them around equally real-looking CGI animations of the ISS and the AMS.

Lee Jacobs, art director at Jump, said: “The graphics had to be accurate but at the same time clean and uncluttered. We removed all but essential colours and simplified non-essential elements to help make the narrative explanations really clear.”

Russell Mann, technical director at Jump, added: “All the graphics were made at 4K in C4D and composited in After Effects. The sequences were mastered and delivered in HDR with SDR guides. This was Jump’s first project in HDR. We had to learn fast and quickly adapt our workflows to enable us to deliver all the graphics HDR-ready.”

The six-part series is on Disney+, with all episodes available to stream now. It’s produced by Fulwell 73, and directed by Ben Turner.

PICTURE CREDIT: Disney+/Among The Stars