Hello Charlie’s work on BBC NHU production

The zoo

Client BBC NHU

Animation/VFX Hello Charlie Bristol

Brief Create stylised but realistic 3D and 2D animation for 30 episodes of an observational doc/comedy series centred on Paignton Zoo.

How It Was Done Hello Charlie worked closely with series producer Aaron Paul and BBC NHU executive producer Jonny Keeling. A team of 3D animators, 2D animators, 3D modellers, riggers, texture artists, camera trackers and digital compositors created models and animation that were composited into live-action footage. Animations replaced part of the animals’ faces to bring characterisation to more than 50 species across 2,000 shots. The creative director was Paul Tigwell, the head of production was Alex Briggs, the producer was Lynn Lee, the animation director was Andy Power and the technical lead was Mikey Ford.

Watch It Available now on BBC iPlayer